Citrine Cluster
I’m so excited to announce that my online Gem Shop has been completed and is currently live on Etsy.  You can also view our product in person at Muskoka Yoga Studio or schedule a pick up at the studio to save on shipping. Some of the items you will find online are Crystals, Gemstone […]

The Gem Shop is Open

Tara Kinden - Crystal Therapist
You can join me at Muskoka Yoga Studio on either Sunday November 13th, 2-5pm or Monday December 12th, 7-9pm. This workshop will no longer be available after those dates as I am re-designing the programming completely and will be offering a Crystal Therapist Certification course starting in January. Reserve your spot here […]

Upcoming Workshops

Tara Kinden
All road trips are pure magic. The slow side trips, long winding road trips, the planned and unplanned adventures. They all lead us into places, people and ideas we could have never imagined for ourselves. This is not luck, this is 💫 divine 💫guidance 🔮 and I don’t know about you but I’m craving more […]

Road Trip Magic

tara kinden
I don’t know about you but I never realize that I need rest until I’m cutting it very close to my edge.  I absolutely love being part of all the action that life has to offer and am continually surrounded by amazing folks offering up divine opportunities.  Sometimes I need to […]

Places of Inspiration

Sunrise SUP
September always brings a resurgence of new energy back into our lives. Maybe its the kids going back to school and the ending of our summer that creates a sense of urgency to get back on track, back into a routine and become more disciplined with our actions.  I’ve been […]

Harness the power of September